A versatile web content manager

A Versatile Web Content Manager

Content Management and Other Testimonials

Below are testimonials about my content management, writing, editing, and tutoring work and testimonials about my character:

Ms. Jackson serves as our web content manager, and provides related services, thus, enhancing our overall performance as we serve the public. She is most reliable, pays attention to details, deadline oriented and self-motivated. She has years of experience to her credit and it exhibits itself in her overall performance. She is highly skilled at what she does, and is highly appreciated, valued by our BOD and staff.
—Nancy T. Burphy, Executive Director
Thank you so much, Laurene, for a job well done on my business card and my website. I really appreciate your help, and I love them.
—Nadine Kouassi
Laurene has edited and written for Bethel since 2004. I am very pleased with her editing and writing services and recommend them highly.
—Bishop Darlingston G. Johnson, D.Min., General Overseer
Bethel World Outreach Ministries International
It is a blessing to have Miss Jackson edit most of our church and ministry work. She is professional, excellent, and very reliable. She works willingly beyond the call of duty. I recommend her very highly to anyone who desires a professional job done.
—Dr. Nicku Kyungu Mordi, Executive Director, I GO Ministries
and Executive Assistant to the Bishop, BWOMI
Ms. Jackson did an excellent job editing our book The Path to Financial Freedom. We highly recommend her editing service.
—Ebere Okoye, for the authors of The Path to Financial Freedom
Laurene is diligent, kind and caring. Her commitment is seen in all that she does. She expects and brings out the best in people and children. She sets an example in what she says and do. Educationally, she's brilliant. She used to tutor me for some years back. Her patience is remarkable. She's excellent in all subjects, including chemistry, math, science and physics. She graduated during her school days as either the valedictorian or the salutatorian. Anyone who has Laurene dealing with their child or children will be totally blessed. Your child or children will have the best impact in their lives they can get.
—Alexine Frank Cooper
Laurene is very friendly, hardworking and so disciplined. She is excellent and can handle any task given to.
—Anne Waldo
I was Ms. Jackson's Master's advisor, now twenty years ago. She came to me with an interest in green chemistry synthesis methods. The title of her thesis in 2000 was "Reactions of 3-Phenylsydnone with Diethyl Acetylene Dicarboxylate and with Acetic Anhydride in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide." The work was included in a scientific publication: McGowin, Audrey E., Jackson, L, Marshall, L. W., and Turnbull, K., "1,3-Dipolar cycloadditions of 3-phenylsydnone with acetylene dicarboxylates in supercritical carbon dioxide," Organic Preparations and Procedures International, 2001, 33(1) 100-102. Many Master's students do not produce work that is of a high enough quality for publication but Ms. Jackson's work was an exception. My last contact with Ms. Jackson was when she was employed by Prospect Associates in Silver Spring, MD. When I knew her, she was always pleasant and helpful. She was honest and productive. I enjoyed having her in my lab.
—Audrey E. McGowin, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Department of Chemistry, Wright State University